Interactive VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF beacon list

2008-05-09: Added: Distance and bearing calculations, possible to customize with your own locator.

2008-04-01: Added: fields for callsign and remarks of the spotter; time limit for the beacon list; CSV download

2011-01-03: Fixed a bug that prevented editing old entries after updating PHP version.

2013-06-01: Removed script injection vulnerability.

2015-12-31: Small improvements to avoid duplicate entries.

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Latest 5 entries / Die 5 neuesten Einträge

DateCallQRGQTHRSTRXed inRXed byRemarks
2017-03-12 DB0XY 2320.912 JO51EU 599 JO52GJ DJ3AK  
2017-03-06 DM0HVL 144.45 JO62KI 529 JO60MM DG0EW 2x12 El. Kreuzyagi 
2017-02-26 DM0HVL 432.45 JO62KI 529 JO60MM DG0EW 23 El. Yagi 
2017-02-26 OZ7IGY 432.471 JO55WM 529 JO60MM DG0EW 23 El. Yagi 
2017-02-21 OK0EB 1296.97 JN78DU 529 JO60MM DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 

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Recalculate distance and bearing for locator:

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QRGCallQTHRSTRXed inkmdirByRemarksDateEdit
144.45DM0HVLJO62KI529JO60MM204357DG0EW 2x12 El. Kreuzyagi 2017-03-06edit
144.471OZ7IGYJO55WM529JO60MM561352DG0EW 2x12 El. Kreuzyagi 2017-02-18edit
432.45DM0HVLJO62KI529JO60MM204357DG0EW 23 El. Yagi 2017-02-26edit
432.471OZ7IGYJO55WM529JO60MM561352DG0EW 23 El. Yagi 2017-02-26edit
1296.83GB3MHZJO02PB599JO43WJ596259DK2ZF/P  2016-12-29edit
1296.84DB0FGBJO50WB519JO60MM97239DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-01-23edit
1296.85DM0UBJO62KK539JO60MM213357DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-01-19edit
1296.89OK0EKLJO60LJ599JO60MM15203DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-01-23edit
1296.905PI7QHNJO22HH569JO43WJ372253DK2ZF/P txing the old AM27e a forgotten beacon??? Zandvoort 4W 2016-12-29edit
1296.905PI7QHNJO22HH569JO43WJ372253DK2ZF/P txing the old CM53b, forgotten bcn? QTH Zandvoort 4W 2016-12-29edit
1296.91DB0XYJO51EU529JO60MM238310DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-02-19edit
1296.915PI7ALKJO22IP599JO43WJ355259DK2ZF/P  2016-12-29edit
1296.97OK0EBJN78DU529JO60MM206154DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-02-21edit
1297GB3NOJO02PP569JO43WJ580265DK2ZF/P txing the old AM27e a forgotten beacon??? 2016-12-29edit
2320.833DB0FGBJO50WB529JO60MM97239DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-02-18edit
2320.8857DM0TUDJO61UC599JO60VU28348DD0VD/P QRG +0,7Khz, HB9CV 7dbi, nice signal  2017-01-28edit
2320.89OK0EKLJO60LJ599JO60MM15203DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2017-01-23edit
2320.912DB0XYJO51EU599JO52GJ61191DJ3AK  2017-03-12edit
10368.89OK0EKLJO60LJ599JO60MM15203DG0EW 40cm Dish 2017-01-06edit

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