DM7A - May 2008 Results and Pictures

DM7A - QTH Fichtelberg, JO60LK, 1207m ASL

Results by bands

BandQSOsGridDXCCScoreODX and MapEquipmentPlacePts. lost
2m6227618182118YT7G - JN94XC - 880km2*8el - 500W14.13238
70cm319511277830TK5EP/P - JN42QX - 873km2*2*13el - 500W5.717
23cm182481446217YU1B - KN04GT - 845km1.4m dish - 120W2.809
13cm5829715482HA8V - KN06HT - 693km1m dish - 60W1.14
9cm231334809PA0BAT - JO31FX - 485km1m dish - 20W1.362
6cm321445255OK2KYC - JN99BM - 384km60cm dish - 5W1.0
3cm71206131399A1Z - JN86EL - 508km60cm dish - 5W1.926
24GHz18521622OL4K - JO70TQ - 190km60cm dish - 1W1.0
47GHz322184DL9GK - JO50TI - 95km30cm dish - mW3.0
76GHz1115OK1AIY/P - JO60LJ - 5km30cm dish - mW3.0

Official DARC results


DM1KL, DG2DWL, DH1FM, DH5FS, DJ1YFK, DL3JAN, DM5JBN, DG3UH, DH5YM (not pictured)


Like two years ago, the last part of the road to our contest location was inaccessible due to snow. This time, however, we decided to go for some workout on Friday evening, and shovelled snow for a few hours.

After a very rainy Friday, and a few little showers on Saturday morning, the weather was excellent for the rest of the weekend: Mostly sunny, little wind, excellent visibility.

Except for some minor technical problems (due to which operation 9/13cm was delayed by a few hours), and the usual lack of operators, everything worked well, and we're quite happy with our results.

Condx were poor to average, but 9A1Z on 10GHz was a pleasant surprise. We also worked what we think to be the first ever QSO between DL and OM on 6cm, with OM5M.

Additional to the usual crew, we were this time joined by Eddy, DM5JBN, who did a great job on 2m.


YT1VP put a little clip of our 2m signal over a distance of 880km on Youtube. Hvala, Ivan!



Fighting the snow Fog Road on Saturday morning
Yagi vs. DH5FS 70cm going up Looks weird, works great
23cm . 70cm
Dupe The snow can be useful after all Perfect weather
Microwave antennas Takeoff to the east Cable guys DL3JAN & DM1KL

More pictures by DH1FM:

Snow in May Harald, DG3UH on 2m Microwave antennas
70cm antenna 2m antenna as seen from the top Microwave tent
Takeoff to the east 13cm/9cm DJ1YFK (23cm) and DL3JAN (13cm/9cm)

More pictures by DH5YM:

More snow. Fichtelberg Hotel Up the hill
Down the hill DJ1YFK pretending to be happy DL3JAN building the 3/6cm station
DM1KL, DH1FM, DH5FS Flak cannon QTH

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