DM7A - March 2011 Results and Pictures

DM7A - QTH Hirtstein, JO60OM, 888m ASL

Results by bands

Band QSOs Average claimed Score ODX Equipment Place %  lost
2m 380 240km/Q 90000 G4RRA - IO80BS - 1203km 2*8el 7ZB - 400W
70cm 215 280km/Q 60196 G4KUX - IO94BP - 1116km 2*21el FT - 500W
23cm 83 267km/Q 22240 G4KUX - IO94BP - 1116km 1.4m dish - 120W
13cm 9 106km/Q 955 OK5Z - JN89AK - 236km 1m dish - 50W
9cm 4 96km/Q  384 OK1YA - JN79IO - 148km  1m dish -20W
6cm  5 112km/Q 563 OK1IA - JO70UP - 178km 90cm dish - 5W 
3cm 18 114km/Q 2067 OK2C - JN99AJ - 368km 60cm dish - 5W
24GHz 4 - ? DL9GK - JO50TI - 114km   40cm dish - 1W
47GHz 1 - 23 OK7RA - JO60LJ  - 23km 40cm dish - 10mW


from left to right: Seb, DM1KL; Hartmut, DG2DWL; Tilo, DH1FM; Harald, DG3UH; Steffen, DH1DM; Mario, DH5YM; Fred, DH5FS


I can't remember a march contest with enhanced tropo for many years. So this was a very nice thing, although we could not
profit from it that much. We made only 5 QSOs each on 2m and 70cm to the UK, despite of calling long time in that direction.  Results
 are quite low and suffered from icing, anyway a nice start into the new season.  Thanks for calling in and cuagn in May.


70cm station: K3 + DEM transverter + T30 laptop

Microwave antennas build-up...lots of parts

laser spot (650nm) and 2m antenna


bad icing through the night made several hours of operation impossible Sunday morning

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