DM7A - October 2013 Results and Pictures

DM7A - QTH Fichtelberg, JO60LK, 1205m ASL

Team October 2013

from left to right:DK1RS, DH1FM, DG2DWL, DH1DM, DG3UH, DH5YM, not in the picture: DM1KL

preliminary results by bands


Band QSOs avg. km/QSO claimed Score ODX Equipment
70cm not qrv
23cm 171 289 49482 YU1LA - KN04FR - 848km K3 + XVTR + 120W + 1.5m dish + Quados8
13cm 42 196 8259 PA3CQE - JO21OJ - 554km 1.0m dish + 60W
9cm 17 187 3192 SP9SOO - JN99OV - 450km 1.0m dish + 20W
6cm not qrv
3cm 40 189 7591 DF0MU - JO32PC - 436km 60cm offset dish + 5W
24GHz 12 111 1342 OK1IA - JO70UP - 196km 40cm dish + 1W
47GHz 2 5 10 OK1AIY/P - JO60LJ - 5km 40cm dish + 10mW
76GHz 1 5 5 OK1AIY/P - JO60LJ - 5km 30cm dish + uW
Laser not qrv

Because of lack of operators we decided to skip 70cm completely and went for a smooth microwave operation. Saturday the wheather was vy fb on the hill. 5 degree in the valley but >15 degree celcius uphill. We faced almost no rain during the complete time. Unfortunately Mr. Murphy was always present this time. 13cm went off saturday evening and could be only repaired sunday morning. 3cm/1.2cm had a short in the DC supply when turning the mast over a certain angle. We only operated these directions by turning the complete mast around 180degree.


Broken DC cable of microwave station causing shorts in certain directions

47GHz and 76GHz

10GHz mast unit

23cm and 10GHz/24GHz shack

Masts in JO60LK, from left to right: 23cm, 10GHz/24GHz, 13cm/9cm