Interactive VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF beacon list

2008-05-09: Added: Distance and bearing calculations, possible to customize with your own locator.

2008-04-01: Added: fields for callsign and remarks of the spotter; time limit for the beacon list; CSV download

2011-01-03: Fixed a bug that prevented editing old entries after updating PHP version.

2013-06-01: Removed script injection vulnerability.

2015-12-31: Small improvements to avoid duplicate entries.

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Latest 5 entries / Die 5 neuesten Einträge

DateCallQRGQTHRSTRXed inRXed byRemarks
2023-09-27 OK0EKL 1296.89 JO60LJ 558 JO70BG OK1IVE SUPER 10EL YAGI 
2023-09-25 DB0FGB 2320.832 JO50WB 529 JO60MM DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 
2023-09-25 OK0EKL 1296.89 JO60LJ 599 JO60MM DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 
2023-09-25 OK0EKL 2320.89 JO60LJ 599 JO60MM DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 
2023-09-25 OK0EKL 10368.89 JO60LJ 549 JO60MM DG0EW 40cm Dish 

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Recalculate distance and bearing for locator:

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QRGCallQTHRSTRXed inkmdirByRemarksDateEdit
144.466OZ4UHFJO75LDJO64RC15139DL9GHT QRT 2023-09-11edit
432.416PI7CISJO22DCJO61UA661284DL1VPL Not QRV since March 23 sri (Info PA0C) 2023-05-30edit
432.422OM0MUBJN99EH539JO61UA383118DL1VPL CW / PI4 2023-08-10edit
432.425DB0MMOJN49RV419JO52GJ288196DJ3AK 19 El. Yagi 2023-08-11edit
432.444DB0FGBJO50WB519JO52GJ276160DJ3AK 19 El. Yagi 2023-09-24edit
432.447OZ1UHFJO57FJ579JO61UA739345DL1VPL  2023-02-14edit
432.45DM0HVLJO62KI529JO52GJ15891DJ3AK 19 El. Yagi 2023-09-24edit
432.46DB0LBJN48OV599JN48OV00DK3PS  2023-03-08edit
432.475DB0XYJO51EU599JO52GJ61191DJ3AK 19 ele Yagi 2023-09-24edit
1296.84DB0FGBJO50WB529JO60MM97239DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2022-10-09edit
1296.89OK0EKLJO60LJ599JO60MM15203DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2023-09-25edit
1296.89OK0EKLJO60LJ519JN68GS1839DK2BL 48 EL Yagi 2023-04-20edit
1296.89OK0EKLJO60LJ558JO70BG84280OK1IVE SUPER 10EL YAGI 2023-09-27edit
1296.92DB0VCJO54IF539JO52GJ2043DJ3AK  2023-09-25edit
2320.832DB0FGBJO50WB529JO60MM97239DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2023-09-25edit
2320.89OK0EKLJO60LJ599JO60MM15203DG0EW 67 El. Yagi 2023-09-25edit
3400.836OK0EAJO70UP559JO60MK19082DG0EW Doppelquad für 9cm 2023-09-13edit
3400.883DM0TUDJO61UC529JO60MK8832DG0EW Doppelquad für 9cm Band 2023-09-13edit
3400.89OK0EKLJO60LJ579JO60MM15203DG0EW Doppelquad für 9cm Band 2023-09-13edit
5760.0275OK0EAJO70UP539JO60LK19682DG0EW Doppelquad für 6cm Band 2022-11-15edit
5760.831DB0FGBJO50WB539JO60MK93244DG0EW Doppelquad für 6cm Band 2023-09-20edit
5760.89OK0EKLJO60LJ599JO60MK8232DG0EW Doppelquad für 6cm Band 2023-09-20edit
10368.81DB0ANUJN59GG54sJO60MM227233DG0EW 40cm Dish 2023-07-25edit
10368.833DB0FGBJO50WB56sJO60MM97239DG0EW 40cm Dish 2023-07-25edit
10368.85DM0UBJO62KK54sJO60MM213357DG0EW 40cm Dish 2023-07-30edit
10368.888DB0HDFJO50WV539JO60MM92297DG0EW 40cm Dish 2023-09-25edit
10368.89OK0EKLJO60LJ549JO60MM15203DG0EW 40cm Dish 2023-09-25edit
10368.908OK0ETJO70DB56sJO60MM102119DG0EW 40cm Dish 2023-08-17edit
432443OH2UHFKP20WW429JO61UA133330DL1VPL  2023-09-07edit
432481LA8UHFJO59FB539JO61UA918348DL1VPL  2023-09-05edit
432483SR1TOPJO83AQ579JO61UA33627DL1VPL  2023-09-05edit
144,483OZ1FYRJO45QU529JO64RC325308DL9GHT  2023-09-11edit
144,483OZ1FYRJO45QU529JO64RC325308DL9GHT  2023-09-11edit

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