DM7A - March 2018 Results and Pictures

DM7A - QTH Hirtstein, JO60OM, 888m ASL

Results by bands

Band QSOs Average claimed Score ODX Equipment Place %  lost
2m 526 297km/Q 156087 G8T - JO01KJ - 869km 4x5ele+2x8ele - 750W
70cm 178 308km/Q 54816 G3XDY - JO02OB - 852km 2*21el FT - 500W
23cm 65 264km/Q 17163 HA8V - KN06HT - 683km 1.4m dish - 120W
13cm 23 200km/Q 4607 HA8V - KN06HT - 683km 1m dish - 50W
9cm 13 152km/Q 1979 DL1SUZ - JO53UN - 354km 1m dish -20W
6cm  6 129km/Q 775 OL4K - JO70TQ - 172km 90cm dish - 5W 
3cm 15 189km/Q 2838 OK2C - JN99AJ - 367km 60cm dish - 5W
24GHz 2 131km/Q 262 OK1KKL - JO70PO - 147km   40cm dish - 3W
47GHz -  




Some interesting tests this time. We used a ADS-B receiver (RTL dongle with SAW filtered LNA) to receive some planes direct way. The distances were up to 500km (PA border, north sea) which was very nice. Antenna was a GSM Logper antenna, which seem to work quite well at 1090MHz.

On 70cm we used a CW Skimmer Server from a Redpitaya to fill the bandmap of VUSC. On 70cm were all the SSB and CW signals are mixed in the band the results are not that good. Most likely in “CW only” subbands the decoder is more effective. VUSC inclusive transceiver control worked like a charm. Some of the spots can be seen here

The results were mixed on 70cm because we lost some time in the beginning through some massive QRM from our own 2m station. Normally we have no problems although antennas are quite close, but thanks to good input filtering of the 70cm LNA we never had these problems in the past. It could be solved by disconnecting the connectors from the amplifier cleaning them and connect them again. Obviously there was some broadband corona effect caused by some metal whiskers inside.


Late start on 2m caused by some solder action of an open PTT wire in the transverter and a faulty analog instrument in our working horse tubed power amplifier. Than we catched up the race with 85QSO/hour which is quite good for march and is a sign of good activity. The teamwork with DG0LFF, DL6DVU and DH1FM was good so we could compensate a little bit the lost of points due rotating problems of both antenna systems and the problems at start


setup (2m->70/6cm->23/13/9cm)

Fred and Tilo on the radio

Marcel operating on 2m

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