Say “HI” to Juno!

[update 11.Dec.13]

We are attempting to organize a coordinated transmission by radio amateurs with the hope of receiving a message using our Juno instrument as the receiver. Basically, we will transmit for 30 seconds at a time to send a Morse code message in the 28MHz band.

If you are acquainted with any radio amateurs, I would appreciate it if you would point them to this website:

We are currently updating and improving the text for the site based on comments we have had so far. This update will not occur for a week, and then we plan to promote this event more widely. We are looking for more comments, particularly from European amateurs. I’ve had very enthusiastic response from our friends at Alenia, and hope we can get a lot of participation from Europe, which has better geometry for the outbound path.

Don – KD0L

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