18-24 June 2023: OJ0EME – Successful Märket EME expedition with S07 participation

OJ0EME near  the Märket beacon  –  Foto: DL4DTU

Roland (DK4RC, X28), Norbert (DL4DTU, S07), and Sebastian (DG5CST) have successfully activated the Finnish part of the Baltic island Märket (JP90NH) under the callsign OJ0EME.

In a short period, they have already logged more than 100 EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) QSOs on 23 cm, setting a remarkable new record. Additionally, they have achieved 42 QSOs on 10 GHz and 22 QSOs on 9 cm.

Notably, the team has also been  active on QO-100, making approximately 200 QSOs so far. – Here are some more pictures from their expedition.   (2023-06-21, Uli)

As they make their way home, the accomplished EME team is carrying along these impressive QSO numbers: